Flashback: Take the Risk Even If Nobody Is Holding Your Hand!

Original Post Date: July 2014

“and then I discovered that if there is something that ‘nobody wants to do’ that is a great opportunity to really rise to the challenge and make a difference.”

I have an interview today. It’s an interview for a department transfer and subsequently,  a promotion.

In the weeks preceding this one, I discussed this interview with a lot of people; I wanted their advice and their support. Sadly I was met with a lot of discouraging conversation. The first words out of my boss’ mouth were, “Oh, that job is really hard… Stacy* hated it. She was really unhappy.” Really?

She then told me with a shrug, “maybe they’ve changed the position since she left – you never know.” I hate when people shrug. It makes me feel like they are calling me stupid.

Another co-worker had the same reaction, “Yah, that job – it made Stacy so unhappy. She hated it.” At first, I started to question my decision. Maybe I didn’t want the job, maybe it wasn’t for me.

However, on my way to work this morning I had an epiphany: maybe I had been thinking about this too minimally – focusing on individual things about my current position – the trivial, monotonous things that everyone in my position hates doing…

Instead, maybe the thing that ‘nobody wants to do,’ is actually an entire POSITION.

Everyone’s breaking point is different. Maybe Stacy didn’t like the job, but maybe she was lazy and didn’t want to work very hard, or maybe she didn’t understand the purpose of her job in the grand scheme of things, or maybe she just didn’t care at all.

Either way, I’m not Stacy. I could love this job or I could hate it, but at least I am taking a chance on something.

Wish me luck!

Edited to Update: I KILLED IT. No matter what happens now, I feel 100% confident with HOW I interviewed.

Additional Update: I did not get the job. But instead, got a promotion within my current position, and additional responsibilities.

(image courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/smithser/)



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