Extend the Life of Your Happiness

Think about how quick we are, when we’re angry, to share that story with our friends. We think it helps us get through the situation – but really – all we are doing is EXTENDING THE LIFE OF OUR ANGER. Think of it like a flame. The more we feed the fire, the bigger it gets.

Now think about how often you get really excited about something but you’re too scared to share it with others?  Why don’t we share it? Why don’t we let people get excited with us?


Let’s work to extend the life of our happiness instead of our anger.

I believe there is a part of us that becomes whatever emotion is conveyed to us when we converse with other people. We become what others are willing to share.

Think of it as a gift; what gift are you giving?

Happiness and Excitement, or Anger and Frustration? 

I have shied away from telling people about my excitement. I’m not sure how they will react. But if people react negatively to something positive that you are sharing, it could be because they don’t have anything in their lives right now that makes them feel the way you are feeling. Or they don’t understand. That’s okay! It’s not your job to make them understand, it’s your job to be happy and to share that with others.

Learning to be impenetrable by negative emotions, but impacted by positive ones is a lofty challenge. We are what we say. Right? So start talking… about what makes you happy!

The world needs it!

Image courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wewiorka/

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