Avoiding Fear… Only Breeds More Fear

You avoid being uncomfortable. You shy away from new situations because you don’t like the uneasy feeling.

That’s fear. That’s what fear DOES.

It reminds you that what you are about to do might not work out the way you want. And if you aren’t okay with that, if you can’t accept that some things turn out differently than planned – you should walk away. You shouldn’t even try.


What happens then?  Nothing. Except for another situation inevitably comes along and you go through the same process all over again. You are introduced to fear once more… over and over again. It will become a cycle for you. I promise. (And that’s not a promise I like to make!)

Let’s imagine for a moment you are ready to tell fear to take a hike. You’re about to enter a new situation and you want to do so with courage instead of fear (that voice telling you that it’s not going to work out so run, run for your life). So here’s what you do: you tell yourself, “I’m okay with things as they will be, good or bad.” You power through and in the end, things turn out pretty good for you. All of a sudden you’re on top of the world – you did it. You are accomplished.


Let’s also imagine, for the sake of argument, you did everything as I said above but things didn’t turn out well… it’s okay. Because you told yourself before you took that leap, “it’s fine no matter what the outcome might be.” And you are, okay with how things ended up.  You succeeded by simply telling fear to bite it.


“Expectations are the enemy. Detachment is the ally.” – William Whitecloud

When you have expectations you’re giving something else control of the situation, and when you don’t have control, you are fearful. If you detach yourself from the outcome by saying something like, “it’s fine. I will decide how I feel about it no matter what happens,” all of a sudden you are in complete control and there is no fear.

Face your fears, because if you don’t they will keep showing up until you do. Imagine the amount of time you will have to do really amazing things, now that you aren’t fighting with your fears.

Can you remember a time that you told fear to take a hike? Tell me about it. Comment Below!


(Image Courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alexsnaps/)

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