Happiness isn’t one all-encompassing, elusive thing we seek to obtain. Happiness is a conglomeration of various pieces of your life, converging into one. Happiness is a journey made up of moments, not a destination – a prize to be won if you follow the “rules.”

My purpose in life, and with this blog is simple: I want to use my passion and creativity to engage and inspire. I want to inspire you to make the simple mind-shifts you need in order to love and respect yourself and others. 

“This isn’t going to help.” I put it back. “That’s not the one.” I was growing more and more frustrated by the minute.

When I was in college something happened to me that would ultimately change the direction of my life. I was standing in the office, sifting through pamphlets in a spiraling display. I spun the display around and around, pulling pamphlets halfway out to inspect the cover and then putting them back.

I was on the verge of suicide and was looking for a sign that things were going to be okay. I had dealt with depression most of my life – particularly my freshman/sophomore year of high school – in fact, I had tried to take my own life when I was 15 and spent 2 weeks in a mental hospital. But here was I was, eight years older and none the wiser; I wasn’t connecting with anyone at the local community college, my high school friends were going to four-year universities and those who hadn’t gone away were working full-time jobs and I never saw them. I felt lost, and lonely.

As I stood there growing more and more agitated with each turn a girl from my Philosophy class walked in. Her name I can’t remember but her looks – those I remember. She was beautiful; long blonde hair, huge smile, dimples on both cheeks. She was cute and unassuming; insanely popular; we had two classes together and she was the center of each. She was never alone, until right now, standing next to me in the office.

She walked over to the display and grabbed a pamphlet not far from my head. I had no idea what it was, (I couldn’t bring myself to look) but she reached for it with such assuredness that she must have known exactly which one she needed.

“Hi, honey.” She said.

I held my breath. Surely she wasn’t talking to me. She reached out and put her hand on my shoulder. “Hi honey, how are you?” She bent down a bit so she could see my face. I was so caught off guard I couldn’t speak.

“I’m fine. How are you?” I worked so hard to get those two sentences out of my mouth, I was probably yelling.

“I’m great.” She said. “Am I going to see you in class today?”

“Yep.” I had had no intention of going to class if I’m being honest. But I wasn’t up for conversation so I lied.

“Oh good, then I’ll see you there.” She smiled at me and in that moment I realized – that was my sign. That was her piece of happiness… and she was giving it to me. There was no effort on her part, she was just sharing her mood. And in turn, my own mood changed.

When you are having a good day be generous with your mood, because what you share and how you share it has more power than you know…

I did see her in class. She waved when I walked in and all of her friends turned to look at me. We never became friends or spoke again after that, but it didn’t matter. She changed my life, just by sharing her happiness.

Here on this blog, I like to think of them as my PIECES OF HAPPINESS made for sharing!


4 thoughts on “MY STORY IS MY MISSION

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and using it to help others! It’s great that you found the inspiration and motivation to empower yourself and change your world around. You could have let the negativity of others completely pull you in and become like them but instead you caught it and made the choice to change for the better. That’s amazing and even more amazing that you now allow your experience to inspire you to reach out to others. I believe that’s one of the greatest things about sharing our experiences, that it has the potential to inspire other people. <3

    1. Thank you so much for saying such nice things, and thank you for stoping by to check out my blog! I hope to see you active in the coming weeks/months/year if you are liking what I’m writing, or having something to say. I encourge you to comment – get the conversation flowing. Again, thank you so much for stoping by, I appreciate it. :)

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