How Feelings Determine Your Happiness, and Not The Other Way Around

What came first:


I read an article recently that proposed a similar question only it wasn’t about food; it was about our success…

What comes first:


I’m sure if I were to take a poll, we’d be sitting at 50/50 – but I want to explain why it’s critical that we all subscribe to the same answer:

If happiness doesn’t come first, success is fleeting.

No matter how successful we become, if we are not happy independently of that success, eventually we will find a way to discredit even the most esteemed successes.


We set them because we want to be successful – we want to HAVE, POSSES or BE something… but beyond that…we want to feel a certain way.

The desire for an emotion is far greater than the desire for the actual thing. (Tweet This)

We want to feel [insert emotion here]. Examples: happy, confident, connected, inspired….

So why do we wait? Why do we put off being happy, confident and contected? Why do we believe that until we have, possess or are something we don’t get to feel the way we want to feel.

Let’s say you want to back a cake…you need ingredients first: you need the sugar, the flour, and the eggs. Once you have all of those items together, along with your efforts, you are able to produce the cake. Your feelings are the ingredients you need to produce your happiness.


I have this system at work. It’s an automated system that runs every hour. Each hour it pulls documents from a folder that resides on a server. The folder contains orders that have been entered by outside sales reps. The system will pull anything in the folder. It doesn’t know (or care) if the orders are entered correctly; it pulls the order because it’s what’s in the folder. Which in turn drops into our system, and we on the inside carry out the demands of the order. If the order is entered incorrectly – then the product is produced incorrectly.

That’s what the universe does; the universe scans your folder (which in your case contains feelings and vibrations instead of orders) and whatever it finds it uses as ingredients to construct the situations and circumstances of your life. So why on earth would you give the universe bad ingredients?


In every possible moment of the day we need to be thinking about, and feeling the way we hope to feel once we “get what we want,” because…

It’s highly likely that if we FEEL the way we want to feel…the byproduct of that feeling will be the realization of the thing we want. 

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What You Should Be Doing To Unlock Your Success

Ever wonder why it’s not happening for you? How come you’re still sitting on the sidelines while the rest of the world is makin’ shit happen?

Commitment.  Follow Through.  Confidence.  Success.

Are these words and ideas something you are focusing on? Well, you should be because they are…What you need to do in order to be a winner! 

Let’s entertain the idea that “getting something” is the key to our happiness. Let’s NOT discuss how WRONG that statement is… but with that in mind….

YOU NEED TO COMMIT. Don’t spread yourself thin. If you know you want something it should be the only thing you focus on. It’s the ONLY route you’re willing to take.

FOLLOW THROUGH. You can’t just expect that your wishing – you’re putting it out into the universe – is enough to make something happen.You have to WORK for it. Take action.

KNOW YOU DESERVE IT.  Anytime you have a goal you need to believe you deserve it; it’s something you are supposed to have and the only reason you don’t is because you haven’t done enough yet.

And if you have all of those things – eventually what you want will be yours right?

Well, again, kind of.

The true test is how we react when we get (or don’t get) what we want. Or rather, what we get differs from what we started out wanting. SUCCESS.

“Happiness lies in seeing the situation for what it is, not what you want it to be.”

Success doesn’t always come from getting what we want, but going after what we want… and being okay with what we do eventually achieve.

Do you know the difference?

What did you want and go after – AND most importantly did you get what you wanted, or did you get something else? Were you happy with it even though it wasn’t what you originally set out to get?

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